Our Presentations and Demonstrations

Join technology and innovation.

Pipe Freezing Demo

In the installation systems, we demonstrate the pipe freezing and circuit occlusion system, which is one of the innovations brought by the technology that enables repairs without emptying the whole circuit, at the İSKİ Altunizade Branch.

Pipe Freezing Demo

We made a demonstration and presentation of Qwik-Freezer product, which is a compact pipe freezing system, at the Training Center of the Chamber of Mechanical Engineers. We are proud to introduce innovative technologies to Turkish engineers.

Induction Straightening Systems

As BMC Marine Engineering, we have introduced the state-of-the-art induction deck straightening system and provided presentation on flameless, smokeless, completely safe deck straightening methods. It is our hope that this system, which is used in the world’s best shipyards, will become widespread in the Turkish shipyard industry.

Welding Techniques Presentations

Based on our 40 years of engineering experience and the trainings we have received around the world, we have the knowledge and experience of how quality and world-class pipe welding should be in the sector. We support and help our colleagues to share the knowledge we have with you and grow together.