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TAG PIPE EQUIPMENT SPECIALISTS are regarded as a world leader in the supply of Pipework handling and ancillary equipment.

The home of the Tri Stand, the Duo and Quattro pipe jack stands, we understand the need for the most cost effective and time saving solution to any pipework welding situation and have designed all our equipment to suit the arduous environments faced by the pipe fitter or welder.

Our pipe stands are designed to meet with the stringent health and safety requirements of today’s industrial environments. 


TAG Tri Stands

Pipe Dia: 1” – 12”

TAG Tri Chain Vice Stands

Pipe Dia: 0.5—6″

TAG UNO Pipe Stands

Pipe Dia: up to 12″

TAG Quattro Pipe Stands

Pipe Dia: 1” – 36”

TAG Duo Pipe Stands

Pipe Dia: 2” – 36”

TAG Mega Pipe Stands

Pipe Dia: 4—48″

TAG 1 Ton Pipe Rotator

Pipe Dia: 4—20″

TAG High Pipe Stands

Pipe Dia: 1” – 12”

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