Pipe Flame Cutting & Beveling Machines

Pre-Welding Preparation

A quality pre-weld preparation is essential for a quality pipe welding. Today, many pipe shops try to prepare pipe welding in old and laborious ways such as sawing with a saw, opening a welding groove with a grinder. As BMC Marine Engineering, we are aware of this situation and we are constantly working to bring innovative and technological solutions to our country’s industry. Enjoy the convenience of handling two jobs with one machine with pipe cold cutting and bevelling machines.

Perfect Cutting for Your Pipes

If you ask how to cut pipes quickly and perfectly, here is the answer

It is made possible by the “TAG E-Z Pipecut flame cutting machines” series. TAG E-Z Pipecut flame pipe cutting machines, one of the conveniences provided by technology, cut the pipe perfectly and cleanly and you can open the bevel in accordance with the pipe bevel opening standards at the desired angle.

Move Your Productivity Up

TAG E-Z Pipecut flame pipe cutting machines will be the product you are looking for if you want to make the cut and open the weld mouth in a flawless and effortless way in every pre-weld pipe preparation. Achieve the same quality in all your pipes, increase your profitability with your quality.

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TAG E-Z Pipecut Manual Flame Cutter

Range: 4” and upwards

TAG E-Z Pipecut Hole Cutter

Range: 3” – 24” (80mm – 600mm)

TAG E-Z Pipecut Auto Flame Cutter​

Range: 4” and upwards

TAG E-Z Pipecut Short Saddle Machine

Range: 2” – 36”

TAG E-Z Pipecut Magnetic Flame Cutter

Range: 4” and upwards

TAG E-Z PipeCut NC Pipe Profiling Machine

Range: 4” – 20”