BMC MARINE Limited Co. is a company that offers technological and innovative solutions to the Industrial Companies with its experience in the pipeline manufacturing and repair sector since 1989. Our company focused to provide technological solutions and Equipment to the industry, such as;

• Pipe Cold Cutting-Pipe Hot Cutting-Pipe NC Cutting Machines
• Pipe bevelling Machines
• Pipe alignment clamps, Internal Clamps, External Clamps
• Pipe Stands and Rollers
• Controlled Weld Pre-Heating, Weld Post-Heating systems
• Pipe Orbital Welding Machines
• Weld Purging Systems, Weld Purge Monitors
• Pipe Plugs
• Pipe Freezing-Ice Plug Systems
• Hands Free Bolting

Innovative Solutions

  In addition to offering the technological equipment necessary for quality welding in pipeline manufacturing, pipe cutting, pipe bevelling, pipe assembly, weld purge gas applications to the industry, BMC Marine also offers innovative solutions such as “Pipe freezing and ice plug” in pipe repair, maintenance or modification without emptying liquid in pipe system. 

  For pipe repairs that may occur in large industrial facilities, such as Power Plants, local pipe freezing, and ice plug system is very practical method. With the Pipe freezing and ice plug system, which saves a lot of time, materials and workmanship, repair work is not a big problem and it provides significant increases in customer satisfaction without shutting off the entire system.

Customer Satisfaction

  Customer satisfaction is the main earning for BMC Marine, which is gained by trust, high quality equipment, productive and cost-efficient solutions in the light of the experience from offshore and onshore pipeline welding industry.