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BMC Marine is the company that brings Marine and Shore Industry in the same business area with the support of high industrial knowledge and experience in the field since 1989.

Customer satisfaction is the main earning for BMC Marine, which is gained by high quality, productive, efficient and cost saving works in the light of the experience for 27 years in the Marine and stainless steel welding industry.

‘’Trust is everything and to be awarded by high quality, productivity, efficiency and client satisfaction.’’

About Us

BMC MARINE Engineering Limited Co.

We are the supplier of weld purge equipment and oxygen monitors for Stainless steel, pipe, and Titanium welding application.

It is vital when welding metals such as stainless steel, zirconium and titanium that the welding zone is purged of oxygen to a level as low as 100 parts per million (ppm) or even 10 ppm to ensure oxide free, zero colour welds are achieved.

We are serving our clients in the marine industry and shore industry as well as energy and petroleum pipeline tools and equipment material supply in order to achieve the goal with the most optimum solutions.

We are committed to inform our client by updated transparent periodical progress reports of the project from the effective date of contract to the delivery to owner. We are supervising the project that the project progressing in accordance with the contract, technical specification, and owner requests. We are cooperating with marine and shore industrial organizations to achieve project progress in line with the agreed documents and agreed planning.

Beside our services, we are supplier of the goods from our representative companies as high quality material, best delivery time andthe best possible pricefor our client’s benefit.

Additionally, as part of University-Industry collaboration, we are attending academic education as a lecturer to support education. We are supporting education, technical investigations as well as Ar-Ge studies at the Universities.



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+90 216 504 10 15
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